Furniture Buying Power

Furniture systems are a crucial component in every headquarters building. The way those systems interact with the space around them can dramatically affect the overall design outcome. Creating the space, then choosing the furniture to fit that space’s needs can result in making compromises on quality, style, and efficiency. What if you could design and deliver a space that integrates furniture seamlessly without any of those compromises?

Because NewGround also serves as a furniture dealer, furniture systems can be purchased directly from top tier companies such as Kimball, Knoll, and many others. This means that NewGround designers do not have to work with an outside furniture dealer, but instead have customer service representatives working directly with each furniture company. This method allows the designer to integrate furniture systems from the very beginning of the design phase, working with mechanical and electrical engineers to ensure the building and its furniture are completely unified, including where server rooms, thermostats, and lighting are located.

Being a furniture dealer has many advantages, including:

  • Understanding and providing the best solution for the client’s needs
  • Ability to attain high quality furniture for a competitive price
  • Integrating furniture into the design solution from the first conceptual stages
  • Access to white papers published by furniture companies on the latest trends and styles
  • Capability to tour clients through the furniture mart in Chicago to truly understand their needs

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