Piercing the Mask of Leadership

Every organization is faced with the challenges of knowledge sharing amongst its leadership team. As technology rapidly advances, generational gaps grow, and business changes, leadership teams are sharing less and less knowledge amongst themselves and their successors. Many leaders have created leadership masks to help filter this knowledge, eventually reshaping each leader and the leadership team.

The author Alan Moore once stated, “You wear a mask for so long, you forget who you were beneath it.

Each leader has a mask—created by them and worn everyday—that limits knowledge sharing. It is rarely a single leader that governs a business. Larger businesses are made up of many leaders at various levels of influence. From the visionaries to the implementers, this mix of leadership culminates interpretation and varying perceptions. Leaders do not view every process or purpose of their organization the same way.

The lack of knowledge sharing, or rather ‘knowledge hiding,’ creates a challenge for any organization to align the leadership team to ensure growth and success. Teams must pierce the mask of leadership and uncover the hidden knowledge that may be holding back success.

Back in 2006, this was the challenge presented to us in retail banking. With the assistance of the BAI and over 300 financial institutions, a national survey was created to uncover the key issues facing retail banking in America. The responses from the survey led to the development of an industry-specific diagnostic tool for leadership team alignment called WayPoint.

Now more than ever, the need to contribute and share knowledge to align the leadership team is critical. Leadership change is a growing concern amongst the retail banking industry. From small community banks and credit unions to larger regionals, growth relies in the alignment of the leadership team. Leadership alignment is the battle cry for growth and success.

Learn More at: www.OurWayPoint.com.

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