Time to ReBalance: A Realignment for Growth


The financial services industry just experienced the single most transformational moment in its history. The worldwide pandemic brought the banking and retail industries to their knees as face-to-face experiences were closed. The financial services, retail, hospitality, and restaurant industries locked their doors to consumers, forcing interaction through mobile and digital channels.

Simultaneously, corporations deployed remote workplace strategies sending employees to work from home as stay-in-place orders were issued. Companies were forced to rapidly create a remote strategy and then deploy their workforce with little or no formal training, adequate technology, or communications protocols in place.

As a result, we have reached the tipping point which has radically altered consumer and employee behaviors forever. Organizations must now realign their retail and corporate workplace strategies to replace ones that are now obsolete or irrelevant. Going forward, nothing will be the same, including how people interact with their financial services provider.

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