Transform Your Branch Strategy with Clear Goals in Mind

Develop Strategy at the Intersection of Values, Data, and Technology

Your branch strategy isn’t static code. Strategy is the framework through which successful organizations plan and assess their operations. When a strategy no longer connects to the values of your organization, or can no longer be justified with the data at your disposal, then it must be reimagined.

That’s why NewGround begins every strategic refresh with a comprehensive assessment process. We launch every strategic assessment with our client’s brand values and goals at the center. So, how does it work?

Branch Strategy Assessment


We begin with an in-depth analysis of your existing retail network. Individual branch performance is measured against prior trends, projections, and competing organizations. Opportunities for expansion or consolidation are often discovered in this process, helping you understand where and how your services are being delivered.

NewGround utilizes custom analytics to address branch strategy realignment, offering action items for growth. Our approach is data-forward and supplemented with in-market observations. As leaders in retail optimization, we achieve mutual success with our clients by ensuring every element of the branch strategy ties back to organizational goals and sound data analysis.


Your physical branch locations are assessed to help prioritize needed brick & mortar improvements. We conduct multiple levels of environmental surveys designed to establish an understanding of your consumers’ service level experience with your brand. This encompasses the entire brand experience, messaging, and an architectural assessment that hones in on your buildings’ systems and aesthetics.


NewGround leads our clients through an internal cultural assessment regarding key drivers of top-performing organizations. This step especially suits clients who are unafraid to identify their strengths and weaknesses at all levels of the organization. By the end of this process, we extract the next prudent steps to drive change and achieve newly-defined strategic goals. 

NewGround Can Help You Develop an Adaptive Branch Strategy

Your organization’s branch strategy is the backbone of any major decisions you make regarding consumer experience. Strategic assessment must be done with the right data and processes to meet your goals.

NewGround helps clients define goals, assess strategy, and develop new strategic frameworks for future development. If you want to find out what this process could look like for your organization, contact NewGround today at

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