What Makes a Beautiful Brand?

With a world swamped with brands, it can be hard to stand out among the crowd. Every day, we see billboards and signage featuring flashy colors and catchy slogans. Digital advertisements that pop up with every scroll. Ultimately, our everyday lives are filled to the brim with brands. But how many of those brands truly stick with us? And which of those brands are the most effective?

According to The Financial Brand, consumers want brands that are “hip and innovative.” They want brands that they can relate to, and that’s what makes them the most memorable. A brand’s identity is powerful, and several brands have pinpointed exactly what makes a “beautiful brand.”

The Financial Brand examined a list of financial institutions across the country and compiled a list of bank brands they felt best encompassed a “beautiful brand.” This didn’t just include logos, it also included color schemes, website layouts, advertising, and digital presence. That list includes:

  • Natwest Bank
  • Addiko Bank
  • IDFC Bank
  • Bank of Hope
  • Lloyds Bank
  • Tangerine
  • Mastercard
  • Popular Bank
  • Bank Australia

Looking over this list of banks, what do they all have in common? It’s not color schemes; each bank highlights a distinctive color pallet that relates to their logo. It’s not names either, as each bank has a distinctive name as well. So, what is it? What makes these banks so effective, and considered so “beautiful” according to the Financial Brand?

The Answer? A Total Brand Identity.

There isn’t one secret trick that makes a brand successful. Rather, what really makes a brand stand out is the total consistency of the brand identity. These banks all have one thing in common: no matter where you see their brand, it’s always the same. The same color scheme, the same logo, and the same fonts. Whether it’s physical media like a billboard or a digital ad, the brand remains a consistent identity.

Repetition is everything for memory. The more we see something again and again consistently, the more it’s solidified in our minds. For brands like these, the more we see those colors, those fonts, and the brand, the more we remember it, and the more the features become synonymous in our minds. A consistent brand identity means that consumers remember the brand even if they only get a glance of the brand itself. This is also the reason why the colors and logos are often vibrant and memorable. Colors that are too bright could be too overwhelming, whereas colors that are too dull are boring and forgettable. These brands find the balance and create a consistent brand identity.

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