NewGround Completes Renovation in Kansas

ESB Financial renovates Emporia main office to accommodate growth, local Kansas heritage

CHESTERFIELD, Mo., March 7, 2018–NewGround, a St. Louis-based experiential design-build firm, recently celebrated the completion of the renovation of ESB Financial’s main office in Emporia, Kansas. To better serve their local communities, this fourth-generation, family-owned bank needed completely new structural and design changes to reflect their Kansas roots, brand, and culture in a larger, more functional space.

The newly renovated 16,000 square foot main office now includes additional workstations and space to better accommodate future staffing demands and growth. Design challenges included an array of work, such as relocating commercial drive-up lanes to be adjacent to retail drive-up lanes, resolving an underground water table issue using a hydrology study and corrective work, determining department locations and adjacencies, and correcting structural issues stemming from the multiple additions over the years.



Maintaining a sense of heritage while integrating modern aesthetics, designers incorporated historical photos and artifacts into a contemporary design. Inspired by the local landscape in the Flint Hills of Kansas, ESB Financial’s new design uses bright colors from nature inside the building to feel more connected to its surroundings. Photographs from the local area cover large wall sections, and the applied window film on the glass office walls is shaped so it feels as if guests are walking through the hills as they stroll the hallways.

The project was completed in phases and involved coordinating construction activity while maintaining continuous operations for the bank’s employees and customers. The NewGround project management team worked diligently to complete the project on time while disrupting bank operations as little as possible.

“NewGround is proud that ESB Financial looked to us as a partner on this project,” said Kevin Blair, President and CEO of NewGround, “and this newly remodeled main office reflects their commitment to not only their heritage, but to the community.”


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