NewGround Director, Experience Innovations Wins Art Competition

CHESTERFIELD, Mo., April 17, 2016–NewGround, a St. Louis-based design-build firm, announces that Kevin Dulle, Director of Experience Innovations, won TOC Artwork’s Tiny Art Competition.

TOC Artwork recently conducted a Tiny Art Competition for artists to create a piece of art on a mini 5×5” canvas. Of the many creative masterpieces that were entered to win, the “Lost in A Story” piece created by Dulle ultimately won due to his use of materials, creativity and attention to detail. He used watercolor, ink and mix media to create his artwork.

“The whole idea of ‘Tiny Art’ was very intriguing and presented a creative and fun challenge that I just couldn’t say no to,” said Kevin Dulle, Director of Experience Innovations for NewGround, “and, for my piece, I wanted to bring the idea of storytelling to life in a unique and entertaining way.”



“Four NewGround staff members entered the contest and it was an honor that one of our very own won the competition,” said Kevin Blair, President and CEO of NewGround, “Dulle is a master creator and this win is a direct testimony for the unique skill level of the staff here at NewGround.”

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