NewGround Now Partnered with MillerKnoll

As of June 1, 2022, NewGround is now able to sell the Herman Miller portfolio of products. In 2021 Herman Miller completed its acquisition of Knoll to create a new combined company now known as MillerKnoll. This exciting partnership translates directly to NewGround. As a result of this partnership, we will now be able to offer our clients a wider range of furniture and design selections for them to choose from. This exciting change means more than just an expanded catalog, however. It means greater chances for our clients to express their brand identity in unique ways.

Expanded Selection to Match Client Preferences

NewGround worked closely with our interior designers, furniture specialists, and our contacts at MillerKnoll to ensure that each of our staff was properly trained in the new line-up. This training was extensive and expansive to ensure that each employee knew just how detailed and vast the updated selection was.

“It was a little overwhelming at first knowing just how large the Herman Miller portfolio is,” said Hannah Duke, Dealer Manager at NewGround. “But honestly it just turned into excitement, knowing that we’d have so many new products to work with now. And it isn’t just understanding the new furniture lines from a specification standpoint; it’s knowing what solutions will fit our client’s unique needs.”

NewGround clients have a wide range of styles and brands they find appealing to both their employees and their potential consumers. MillerKnoll has such an expansive selection that every client’s need can be matched, be it a modern, fresh brand or a more traditional look and feel.

“I’m personally excited to be able to specify Herman Miller’s classic pieces,” Hannah said. “So many of our NewGround clients want a look and feel that honors their traditional roots and history. With the extensive collection of classic designs offered by MillerKnoll, we can provide our clients with a larger selection to choose from.”

By completing training courses on the new furniture lines, our designers can quickly zero in on the pieces that will meet each client’s individual needs. They are then able to provide a customized selection of furniture pieces to choose from that are already aligned to the client’s preferences.

MillerKnoll Showrooms and Furniture Variety

While our interior designers will take care of narrowing down furniture selections for clients, as a whole, clients now have a much wider variety of products and furniture types to choose from. Whether it’s deciding on the most comfortable chair or the most flattering wood finishes, clients can customize every single part of their facility location. Clients can use these furniture improvements for branches, branch prototypes, headquarters, or other projects. Furthermore, NewGround takes clients on a specialized Design Process to help clients discover what about their brand and identity they can carry over into their design.

Part of this process is allowing clients to tour facilities full of MillerKnoll furniture products in Chicago’s Fulton Market. This will mean that not only can clients see firsthand the products they’ll have in their facilities, but they’ll be also able to touch and feel them as well. Our clients will have access to more furniture options than ever before. Partnered with NewGround’s expert design staff, clients will be able to design the best possible solutions for their consumers and employees alike.

The Possibilities are Endless for NewGround Clients

Not only are the variety of designs and furniture pieces exciting for NewGround clients, MillerKnoll also provides sustainable and environmentally friendly options for clients who are seeking to help make the world a better place. If clients have completed a branch or headquarters refresh in the past but are looking to update their space for a more modern audience, NewGround can help bring them countless fresh designs as well.

With dozens of brands and options to choose from, NewGround clients now have more selections at their fingertips than ever before. Regardless of which design or aesthetic stands out to the client, NewGround’s interior designers will have the furniture solutions ready to find the best fit.

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