NewGround Partners with Blue Nile to Design 50 Retail Stores

Retail Team manages prototype design development across U.S.

CHESTERFIELD, Mo., December 1, 2020– NewGround, a St. Louis based architecture, design, and project management firm, recently announced its Retail Team’s partnership with Blue Nile, a Seattle-based artisan jeweler, to design and manage their new prototype rollout by translating their strong online presence into 50 brick and mortar stores in high end shopping districts across the country.

For the first round of stores, NewGround’s Retail Team has updated the existing prototype to add warmth and texture to the space while maintaining brand recognition. Rather than simply creating a prototype that gets rolled out, each store is turning into a laboratory to test out new ideas. New paint colors, artwork, and furniture welcome casual browsers and purchasing customers. The new design moves create a relaxed space to encourage customer interaction with the jewelry and employees.

Led by Richard Avery and Pamela Howell, NewGround’s Retail Team is comprised of architects, interior designers, and environmental graphic designers who are experts in retail and hospitality design. They understand how to translate brand identity into a tangible aesthetic to drive customer engagement and maximize return on investment.

“Our recent client partnership with Blue Nile shows how NewGround is turning the ship in an ever-changing market with our growing team of retail designers,” said Kevin Blair, President and CEO at NewGround. “It’s an exciting time to serve a jeweler like Blue Nile to deliver their new physical locations to help expand their target markets and offer a unique, seamless retail experience.”

NewGround’s Retail Team will create, manage, and design a program that will see Blue Nile’s stores opening at the rate of at least two a month, starting in the fall of 2020.

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