How Financial Institutions can Adapt to Hybrid Work Environments

As new technologies continue to reshape the way we work, many banks and financial institutions are turning to hybrid work environments to balance the benefits of remote work with the need for in-person collaboration. But adapting to this new way of working requires careful consideration of the needs of employees, clients, and physical space. At […]

Habits and Hearsay: Truths of Consumer Changes

Before 2020, consumers of all ages were already shifting their bank activity to online channels like websites and mobile applications. Public and institutional responses to the emergence of COVID-19 accelerated those trends. Many banking consumers who had been reluctant to adopt digital service channels did so during the pandemic out of necessity. Although the shift […]

How Remote Work and Banking Tech Have Changed Branch Operations

As consumers embrace digital channels, financial institutions are adapting. Long-term trends of branch closures and consolidation have provided ample opportunity for organizations to rethink their branch strategy and operations for the future. Although consumers visit brick-and-mortar locations less frequently than in the past, the in-person branch visit is still a vital part of the overall […]