Designing for Accessibility: Modern and Inclusive Banking Spaces

Inclusivity and accessibility are essential elements of any public-facing design. Financial institutions recognize the importance of ensuring that their banking spaces are welcoming and accessible to all. For NewGround, a firm specializing in creating branded spaces, inclusivity goes beyond legal requirements—it’s a fundamental part of our design ethos. Why it Matters Banking customers come from […]

Transforming Financial Institutions: Navigating Change with Effective Change Management

In the dynamic landscape of financial services, change is the only constant. Evolving customer expectations, technological advancements, and regulatory demands pose significant challenges to financial institutions. Now more than ever, effective change management is an ongoing need. In this article, we will explore the role of change management in financial institutions and how it empowers […]

Transforming Retail Spaces: How Strategic Assessment Drives Performance and Growth

Retail spaces have to evolve as quickly as consumer preferences. Retailers need constant innovation and optimization to stay ahead of the curve and provide experiences that surpass expectations. One of the critical factors in achieving success is the strategic assessment of existing retail networks. By thoroughly evaluating current performance and identifying opportunities for improvement, retailers […]