What Lies at the Core of Environmental Graphics?

Incorrect — Environmental graphics are graphics pertaining to the natural world, sustainability, or the environment. If you thought the definition above was correct, you’re not the only one. For many people, hearing the word “environmental” automatically makes them think of green recycling signs, sustainability initiatives, or messages relating to the earth itself. None of these […]

Digital Content Planning: Strategize Your Screens

It’s planning and strategy season, which means that financial institutions and retailers are all evaluating business strategies for the following year. Whether it’s revitalizing and re-evaluating branches or completely building a new facility from the ground up, everything has to be budgeted, planned, and accounted for. However, one element that can often be overlooked is […]

The Critical Impact of Furniture on Retail Space

How often do you look at a piece of furniture and ask yourself, “How many people will sit in this chair today? How will this piece of retail furniture affect the overall look and feel of my retail space?” Probably not often. Most people don’t look at a chair or a couch at a financial […]