Hoboken, NJ

In 2015, Clifton Savings Bank was in the midst of change. With a new management team in place and a significant amount of capital recently raised with a public offering, they embarked on a rollout strategy targeting a younger clientele. Since Hoboken has a very strong appeal to the millennial demographic and is one of the hottest real estate markets in the metro area, it was a natural decision to pick as one of the markets to expand their footprint. To enhance their appeal and brand awareness, they partnered with NewGround and Adrenaline to rebrand the bank with their new name, csbk, and design-build a 1,589 square foot leased space in the north end of a highly sought after Hoboken market.

The space was located on the bottom floor of a new high-rise luxury apartment building that was one of the first buildings that was visible as you enter Hoboken from the north side. The space had a 20-foot wall of glass that the design team wanted to capitalize on so that cars and foot traffic had visibility of the space from considerable distances. The new dynamic space utilizes a single teller pod, a universal banker type delivery with a smart ATM at the vestibule, and a conference room for loan closings. The space also includes a large video wall display that allows the space to broadcast on the street outside the branch.