Corning Credit Union

Prototypes + Rollouts / Strategy → Design → Interiors / Multiple Locations

The Challenge

Corning Credit Union faced the challenge of entering a new market as they aimed to expand their target demographics. Instead of a traditional transaction focused branch, Corning Credit Union wanted to embrace a new idea and concept stemming around a relationship-driven branch. They wanted these branches to focus primarily on interacting with members on a more personal level: answering questions, helping open accounts, or talking about lending options. Instead of going in blindly, however, they enlisted the help of NewGround’s Strategy Team.

The Journey

The first step in building out and designing this new concept would be finding the right location. NewGround’s Strategy Team began to work on finding a location in the area with a good demographic fit, plenty of potential for new growth, and an area where they could meet with new and old members alike. After conducting an intensive study, we found that this particular county was one of the fastest-growing counties in the country, perfect for Corning Credit Union’s goals.

Once the sites were determined, NewGround began to design the spaces. NewGround began developing a new “relationship space” as opposed to a traditional transactional one based on Corning Credit Union’s goals. These designs included open waiting spaces for members with comfortable furniture and individual privacy rooms for members and employees to meet one on one. Furthermore, these individual rooms were equipped with height-adjustable desks so that both employees and members could sit or stand comfortably depending on their preferences.

NewGround understands the importance of growth and change within branch locations. Since this location was a new prototype of a relationship-driven space, NewGround wanted to ensure the location was still future-proofed. This meant integrating space and technology capabilities into the center of the room in case a traditional teller station needs to be installed. In the event that the growth of the Corning Credit Union West Lake Branch reached a point where more transactional interactions are normal, the branch will be well-equipped to adapt and handle the change.

The Destination

Each financial institution has different goals and core values. Ensuring that the spaces are branded and designed to properly fit these goals is critically important to the success of the financial institution. Integrating key technologies and designs ensure that members can fully interact with the space. Corning Credit Union was so happy with NewGround’s Strategy Team and design process, that they have continued to partner with NewGround for many future projects to come.