Day Air Credit Union

Prototypes + Rollouts / Strategy → Design → Build → Interiors / 5,200 SQ. FT.

The Challenge

A large part of renovating and updating a pre-existing branch includes technology. Technology, more than any other factor of an industry, moves fast. Within a few years, new technological innovations can revolutionize the market and shake up societal norms. For financial institutions, keeping on top of these technological changes within the market is necessary to remain relevant to consumers. For Day Air, they needed a brand-new branch that would have a heavy technology focus and appeal to new and pre-existing members alike. They needed a new, updated location that would feature elevated Day Air branding both inside and out.

The Journey

After finding an ideal location with a great street presence, Day Air Credit Union began strategizing and partnering with NewGround through a Discovery Session. This Discovery Session uncovered the desire for a heavy technological presence and an updated look and feel to the branding. They also wanted an exterior appearance that would feel powerful from the road. We achieved this by creating a building with a lot of height and structural presence accomplished through a unique design. We also included a one-of-a-kind roof structure to give the new building a truly exceptional look from the road.

Compared to the old, outdated location, the new location was a night and day difference. The interior space was full of natural light, plenty of height and volume, and even a community room with after-hours access from the outside. Unique circular lights hang from the ceiling to create volume and comfortable furniture accents the branding and workplace designs. Should members visit during regular operating hours, they can be greeted with a large welcoming space with ITMs, beautiful logos, and fresh and innovative design trends. Should they visit after hours to utilize the community room, the main lobby area is locked off, while the community room and restrooms remain open for use. The community room also features a beautiful wall-to-wall graphic that serves as a beacon for the space at night and is illuminated constantly to be viewable from passersby. Day Air Credit Union’s elevated branding is present throughout every inch of the space, from the logos on the wall to the rich coloring in the main lobby and side rooms.

The Destination

By working directly with Day Air Credit Union from the Discovery Session phase all the way through the final Interiors phase, NewGround was able to work collaboratively with Day Air to craft a space that truly embodies their brand and ideals inside and out. Whether it’s the elevated interior that features new technological innovations and comforts, or the exterior its unique roof shape and light sources that pay homage to the diamond branding, the space feels like a truly dedicated Day Air Credit Union branch. We are extremely happy with the finished result and are proud to have been a part of such a groundbreaking project.