East Coast Credit Union

Renovations + Rollouts / Strategy → Design → Interiors / Multiple Locations

The Challenge

With over a decade of partnership as a returning NewGround client, East Coast Credit Union embarked on a journey to refresh their branches in a dramatic systemwide branded space transformation. In a bold decision to make waves with the design and construction process at the height of the pandemic in July 2020, East Coast Credit Union chose NewGround to fulfill their vision.

The Journey

Site documentation was performed using an advanced, lidar-based photographic system that accurately measured the existing branch, a method that allowed NewGround to continue on the path to success all while maintaining health and safety protocols. The project was designed and constructed so that East Coast Credit Union’s staff could reoccupy the branch within five months and would be fully completed within six months. NewGround kept the pedal to the metal to ensure any supply delivery delays were minimized, and the project pressed on.

The Destination

Aligning an older branch concept with East Coast Credit Union’s current refreshed brand, the branding maintains NewGround’s core design of Atlantic Central’s award-winning branch transformation. The overall member experience was enhanced with a more approachable, user-friendly look and feel. Employees participated in Ready, Set, Open with great success, ready to hit the ground running as soon as the 2,300 square foot branch was complete. The credit union is now empowered and eager to serve members in their revitalized branded space for many years to come.