InRoads Credit Union

Renovations / Strategy → Design → Interiors / 1,900 SQ. FT.

The Challenge

A good eye for design requires more than a team of experts – it requires a team of collaborators who stop and listen to what their clients’ goals are. For InRoads Credit Union, they needed not just a builder or a designer, but a partner to fully understand the consistency and branding updates they wanted integrated across their retail locations.

The Journey

NewGround has several teams with experience across many different verticals and markets, from financials to retail to hospitality and more. But what makes NewGround unique is our designers’ and teams’ abilities to traverse from one market to the next while retaining their expertise, talent, and unique vision. For this project, team members who also have experience working with retail locations partnered with InRoads to develop their space. Their unique retail market experience gave them a different perspective – but their talent in listening to what the client’s goals are meant that the space still felt like a credit union.

The Destination

By establishing a branded kit of parts, understanding the new technology and offering upgrades, and maintaining a warm look and feel by utilizing cedar wood walls, the NewGround teams brought their valuable insight and experience to create a unique credit union look that stands out across all markets – not just financial or retail.