Maui County Federal Credit Union Headquarters

Workplaces / Strategy → Design → Build → Interiors / 27,000 SQ. FT.

The Challenge

Sometimes renovations aren’t enough to support a growing institution’s needs – sometimes a new facility needs to be built from the ground up to truly meet the demands and potential of an organization. For Maui County Federal Credit Union (Maui County FCU), what started as an evaluation and potential remodel of their original main office location quickly revealed one truth: it wouldn’t work. The old building couldn’t possibly sustain the growing personnel and space projections that Maui County FCU expected in the coming years. Even their parking lot was already full to the brim with no room for expansion. They needed a completely new ground-up facility.

The Journey

The biggest challenge Maui County FCU faced was finding a location and a design that could fit all of their growing staff numbers. Their growth wasn’t slowing down – they needed a space that wouldn’t just house their current employees, but plenty of future employees as well. Furthermore, many of their employees were spread out across multiple buildings and facilities. They needed one central hub where everyone could gather and collaborate.

After finding a site that matched the space requirements, NewGround started on the design. Working in tandem with Maui County FCU through the pandemic, NewGround designed and built a space focused on the employees in terms of both space and amenities. From conception, the location was crafted to be a reflection of gratitude toward employees and credit union members.

One amenity that is particularly popular is the employee lounge. This partially internal and external lounge can allow employees to enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian air while taking a break but can also be closed off in the event of inclement weather or community meetings. NewGround also designed and built in a fitness facility and community room. The fitness facility is designed to encourage employees to work out and remain healthy, while the community room is an area designed for collaboration. For larger meetings and employee gatherings, the community room is perfect to bring everyone together. However, it’s also available for public and community use.

Keeping members in mind, Maui County FCU also made the decision to integrate a credit union branch into the facility. This allows members to access their accounts directly and also view the beautiful new main office space. One particularly unique feature of this branch is the inclusion of a drive-up facility, something that while common on the mainland, isn’t as common in Hawaii. We integrated this popular feature to allow members flexibility, and it has thus far been a resounding success.

The Destination

Overall, NewGround designed and built a facility that didn’t just accommodate space needs, it delivered on a well-branded and executed space that places employee and member needs ahead of all else. Whether it’s the inclusion of several stunning environmental graphics or hook-ups for future solar panel installations, no detail was forgotten or left behind in building this beautiful space.