Neighborhood Credit Union

Prototypes + Renovations / Strategy → Design → Interiors / 2,717 SQ. FT.

The Challenge

Neighborhood Credit Union knows the future of banking is changing – and the financial market with it. For financial institutions to remain successful and relevant, they cannot just adapt to these changes as they emerge. They must instead predict them and take risks to meet them, or better yet, set the new market standard themselves. In order to pursue a new branch idea, Neighborhood Credit Union partnered with NewGround to depart from their traditional branch layout.

The Journey

After completing a Discovery Session, Neighborhood Credit Union decided to take a chance on a new branch concept in a very urban part of Dallas, Texas. They made the branch cashless, with no traditional teller lines or pods or any way to interact with money transactions except through ITMs. NewGround also built a 24-hour ITM, set within a glass vestibule. One glass wall would be open during normal business hours and closed after hours, but members could still enter the first door to the glass vestibule all hours of the day for 24-hour convenience.

While ITMs are typically done without the need for employee support, concierge desks were still included in case members needed assistance with this new technological transition. They could also direct members to individual office space if a member was there for a meeting. Aside from the architecture and design, NewGround also provided graphics for this project. The graphic designers worked hard to create a stenciled design to lay over the brick walls. NewGround also completed all furniture for the project, including cabinetry, furniture for a waiting office and video conferencing room, workstations, restrooms, break rooms, and more.

The Destination

Overall, this branch featured technology and advancements that were incorporated directly into the urban design in what has become a cutting-edge branch for Neighborhood Credit Union.