North Church Court Permanent Supportive Housing

Prototypes / Design / 116,000 SQ. FT.

The Challenge

After years of planning, development, and hard work, the North Church Court has finished its construction in St. Catharines at 111 Church St. in Niagara. This project was a collaborative effort between NewGround, FirstOntario Credit Union, Penn Terra Group Limited, and Bethlehem Housing and Support Services to bring the vision of North Church Court to light.

This new facility serves as an affordable housing unit capable of housing 127 permanent residents for eligible men, women, and families. North Church Court housing prioritizes populations who may have become homeless or displaced due to poverty, physical disabilities, mental health, domestic violence, or family breakdown, offering them a home and a place in the community.
The facility was designed to provide residents with several support services and amenities, including a daycare facility, natural play area, on-site storage, laundry facility, cooking facility, bicycle and electronic scooter storage and services, and general on-site support services. Some housing units are also specifically designed to be more accessible to those with disabilities.

The Journey

NewGround and FirstOntario Credit Union have both long understood the importance of community involvement and giving back to the community. They both understand the social responsibility of working with local communities, and after working together collaboratively for more than 25 years designing branches and office space, to work together to create something of this scale was an incredible accomplishment. In fact, when FirstOntario decided they wanted to create this project, they knew NewGround was the first place to reach out to.

NewGround designed the building and the construction documents, and we remained on-site to oversee the project and assist when and wherever needed. While this may have been the credit union’s way of reaching out and giving back to the community, NewGround shared those ideas and was happy to be involved. It involved many members of the community itself, and when asked about the importance of community involvement, Greg Ward, NewGround Canada President, said: “Community involvement was the key to success in this project. We met with handicapped advisory groups, Bethlehem Housing and Support Services, local daycare groups, FirstOntario, and PennTerra to design, develop, and complete the project.”

These groups weren’t just spoken to, they were consulted with to ensure that many different aspects were considered while designing the facility. NewGround, and all other members and groups involved, wanted to be sure that the North Church Court location could fully provide for any and all residents. NewGround is proud to have been a part of this innovative and monumental process to help the Niagara Region community.

The Destination

As leaders in architecture, interior design, and project management, we feel it is our social responsibility to contribute and give back to the community. By finishing North Church Court’s construction, we have helped create an accessible, welcoming, and community-oriented living space that will benefit the Niagara residents for years to come.