Pacific Service Credit Union Headquarters

Renovating and updating older spaces pose unique challenges for businesses. Smaller contractors or newer architecture firms may struggle to work around or integrate older building systems into a newer model and design. Pacific Service Credit Union needed updates to their older headquarters facility originally constructed in 1979, but they knew it wouldn’t be easy to renovate. To provide their employees with a new environment and the latest in employee amenities, they needed a partner comfortable working in older spaces but innovative enough to provide fresh ideas and brighter looks to the space. After hearing great reviews and personal recommendations from other clients we had worked with, Pacific Service partnered with NewGround to bring their spaces to life.

Limitations Within the Space

NewGround had a lot of work to do in order to update the space to one worthy of Pacific Service employees. To start, the ceilings were low in most parts of the building, ranging anywhere from 8 to 9 feet tall, fairly short by modern standards. This made the space look darker, and Pacific Service wanted a brighter look for their interior spaces. To accommodate this and the low ceilings, NewGround updated all lighting within the building to LED and stayed away from pendant lighting since the ceiling was already so low. The result is a space that feels bright and welcoming regardless of whether a room has windows or not.

We also incorporated many bright colors throughout the rooms, such as the bright blue cabinets featured in the employee breakroom. We also changed the windows to let in more light and help the spaces feel open and inviting.

Creative Environments Built for Employees

Pacific Service wanted their new space to have next-generation environments built around next-generation thinking – how can we uplift the space to fully support our employees and their creativity? This thought process weaved itself into every aspect of the design, from furniture to finishes. NewGround incorporated multiple breakrooms open throughout each floor that can be transformed into meeting spaces depending on the need. We also included break-out spaces so employees can take a break from their workstations and collaborate with coworkers. We also included cutting-edge quiet rooms and distinctive furniture to help employees relax and feel at ease.

“We did a really good job bringing in finishes and furniture to update the space so it didn’t feel like a building built in 1979,” says Hannah Duke, Dealer Manager at NewGround. “The offices on the second floor feel almost like an upscale treehouse, with great views of greenery. Everything compliments each other really well – it’s a really modern and comfortable space.”

NewGround also completed a small branch location in the main lobby for members that included three offices and a pod. These spaces continued to incorporate the same welcoming and bright atmosphere carried throughout the rest of the building, complete with colorful spaces and lots of textural differences between finishes and furniture. The space is engaging to look at and each area is marked with distinct zones for each department and area using color schemes. This helps every employee or member know where they are in the building at all times.

The Importance of Communication

For Pacific Service, two things were of the utmost importance: communication and their employees. Management and client partners wanted to be involved in all aspects of the designing process to make sure everything was being completed to their standards. NewGround was more than happy to work with the client every step of the way. We understand that to our clients, this isn’t just a building – it’s a physical representation of their brand and all that they stand for, and that’s what made NewGround perfect for the job. We strive to create Branded Spaces crafted specifically around the client’s Brand, Place, and Culture. All of these elements accumulate together to form a unique space just for Pacific Service – one we’re sure they’ll be proud to return to for years to come.

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