Santander Bank

Prototypes + Renovations + Rollouts / Strategy → Design → Interiors

The Challenge

After a number of large acquisitions, Santander, one of the top financial institutions in the world, decided to rebrand all operations and entities included in their branding. Headquartered in Madrid, Santander is an international financial giant with a significant customer base. Their expanding growth through acquisition, however, meant disjointed branding and branch models through their network that all needed to be updated and modernized. Santander’s goal was to create three replicable prototype locations that would achieve the following:

  1. Clearly display the Santander branding

  2. Create a flexible and intuitive customer journey through the space

  3. Integrate new technologies to benefit both employees and customers

  4. Provide both traditional and digital forms of communication

  5. Create operational efficiencies that would benefit Santander branches

The Journey

Santander met with and appointed NewGround as their partner to lead the branch network transformation. NewGround began by conducting extensive market research, interviewing employees across various job titles, and visiting several different network branches. The team then took these key findings to develop a strategy customized specifically for Santander’s customers and staff. The goal was to create a design that was distinct, unique, and welcoming.

The Destination

The new Santander prototype reflects a robust design, combining both the global strength of Santander through the central column design and the personality of the local communities through a “Local Reach” wall. New Santander-branded environments embody innovation, charisma, and a close relationship to the customer. The branding is consistent and distinct through the design. The showroom also includes unique details, such as a 24-hour ATM vestibule, online access counter, redesigned teller/cashier space, and interior and exterior-facing digital signage. After careful and considerate collaboration and design work, Santander was presented with a prototype ready to distribute across their entire branch network for a unified brand.