TXN Bank

Workplaces / Strategy → Design → Build → Interiors / 26,500 SQ. FT.

The Challenge

When two different financial institutions merge together, it can be an intimidating task. Merging brands, core values, and customer bases poses unique challenges that, if not addressed properly, can negatively affect a brand. However, if the situation is addressed professionally, if the branding and history of both financial institutions are properly honored and acknowledged, then mergers can set financial institutions up for years of success. TXN bank, needed to express their unified brand within their main office space and the connected full-service branch. NewGround was ready to take on the challenge and create a uniquely blended space for both customers and employees.

The Journey

To properly incorporate two different histories and brandings, community values and histories needed to be involved from the very beginning of the process. NewGround always prefers to start with Strategy, to incorporate values and core planning into every process. For this project, NewGround completed strategy, architecture and engineering, environmental graphics, audio visual, furniture, procurement, design, and technology services, just to name a few. Because TXN Bank chose to involve NewGround from conception, NewGround specialists were able to craft a meaningful and beautiful space. Furthermore, TXN Bank agreed to use a modified version of our Integrated Project Deliver methodology that allowed NewGround to contract and engage our construction trade partners earlier in the design process. This collaborative approach allowed us to plan and eliminate potential project friction ahead of time, optimizing project results and reducing over-waste.

An important part of TXN Bank’s branding and culture is their Texas heritage, traditions and community. The building needed to bring together employees from two separate locations into a new, refreshed, and revitalized space. To incorporate both institutions and groups of employees, the space was filled with meaningful environmental graphics, such as a history wall. This history wall pays homage to both financial institutions that merged to create TXN bank, honoring the history of everything that went into this new main office space. The employee journey was carefully considered in the modern rustic space, giving employees new amenities, better workspaces, and comfortable and dynamic furniture through NewGround’s MillerKnoll partnership. Plenty of natural lighting, even in stairwells, helped give the space a vibrant and fresh atmosphere.

The TXN Bank location also carefully considered the customer journey. Because there was a branch built into the space as well, the customer journey had to be evaluated alongside the employee journey. Main office employees shouldn’t necessarily interact with regular customers, and customers shouldn’t get lost if they are simply trying to complete regular transactions. To accomplish this, the branch incorporated a traditional teller line and service center with natural wood finishes to guide customers to where they needed to go. There is also an ADA counter and upgraded drive-up lanes with ITMs to accommodate increased traffic. However, TXN Bank also wanted their customers to be able to appreciate the rich history of the organization, so with the help of NewGround, TXN Bank created a showroom that displayed a historic vault door. This historic door symbolizes TXN Bank’s unwavering loyalty to its customers and is an impressive centerpiece of the space.

The Destination

By focusing on strategy and opening up dialogue early between key TXN Bank staff and NewGround experts, we were able to determine the true core values that needed to be implemented into the space. Whether it was paying homage to the history of the institution as a whole by creating environmental graphics or ensuring that visiting customers wouldn’t get lost within the space, NewGround ensured that every detail was treated with care. We understand the necessity of bringing Groundbreaking ideas to life within a space, and we are happy to do so for TXN Bank.