A Headquarters Strategy that Fits Your Organization

Financial retail spaces change frequently to meet the ever-changing consumer market, but headquarters design and change move more slowly. Headquarters have trends, but those trends aren’t as fast as retail. To design a headquarters, businesses have to consider the market, technology, employee journeys, and sustainability. But how can businesses and financial institutions plan for such a large and expensive feat as a new headquarters? The answer lies in fine-tuning your headquarters strategy.

The Start of the Headquarters Strategy Conversation

NewGround is the expert in headquarters design and strategy. Our team of professionals works directly with clients to meet their goals. The first step is formulating the size and scope of the building. For most headquarters, the biggest determining factor for needing a new headquarters all comes down to size. Scott Florini, Vice President of Strategy, says: “With headquarters, we first dig into the client’s performance at the operational level. We survey the staff, talk to management about strategic goals, and determine what their future will look like. From that, we can align the growth of the staff.”

Scott and the strategy team meet with the client to present peer analytics and industry data, discuss the location of various departments and office sizes, and review long-term objectives. This can help clients fully comprehend just how big their new headquarters will need to be. From there, they can fully develop a headquarters strategy.

Interested in learning what a headquarters looks like that utilizes strategy? Check out the Neches Federal Credit Union Headquarters!

The Influence of Hotel Desks on Headquarters Space

If a business is growing, what’s stopping them from taking advantage of the current work-from-home environment? Many organizations may believe they don’t need an updated headquarters if their employees aren’t in the office, but this isn’t always true. Some employees benefit from being in the office or need to be in due to their unique position. Furthermore, some companies want their employees back to the office to increase collaboration, so how does this situation influence headquarters strategy?

For NewGround, it’s continuing to work with the client every step of the way. Sometimes this means incorporating “hotel stations” into the program.  Companies specifically design hotel stations as spaces for when employees want to return to the office, for a period of time. This space contains all of the necessary furniture and equipment but isn’t an assigned or dedicated workstation. It is a universal space for anyone to use when they return to the office. However, space utilization isn’t the only element to consider in headquarters strategy.

Want to learn more about NewGround’s approach to headquarters and corporate spaces? Click here!

The Importance of Technology on Headquarters Strategy

Technology often has an impact at the individual branch level and at the headquarter level. For branches, technology can influence the way consumers and employees interact with the space. However, for headquarters, technology implementation is different. Previously, important headquarters technology would be server rooms and computer rooms. Recently, technology and data have begun moving to the cloud, so those same server rooms are obsolete. Likewise, many employees receive their own personal laptops as opposed to using dedicated computer terminals. Technology is always changing, and headquarters strategy must be adaptable to align with these changes.

Some more recent examples of technology in headquarters strategy are utilizing space for 3D printers, hybrid work from home and in-office workstations, remote-in technology, collaboration stations, and more. Successful businesses and building headquarters are designed to support employees, whether they are working in the office, working from home, or a combination of the two.

Want to see an example of a headquarters space utilizing NewGround’s strategy? Check out the Greater Texas Federal Credit Union Headquarters!

NewGround Caters to the Client

Ultimately, businesses develop a headquarters strategy through careful planning and collaboration. It isn’t forced or picked from a catalog; it’s something that has to be directly designed for each unique organization.

NewGround’s strategy team, including Scott Florini, understands that every business is different, and thus, every headquarters space is also different. Whether it’s a headquarters renovation or completely new construction, the strategy team works to find the best options available. We also present multiple options for our clients to choose from based on their needs and allow the client to make the final choice in regard to their space. From parking and internal headquarters space to technological innovations and hybrid work from home environments, designing a headquarters is an in-depth process. However, it’s a process that can become easier with a well-developed strategy.

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