Brands are Developed at the Intersection of Strategy & Creativity

Discover the Essence of Your Brand Through a Proven Strategic Framework

Well-defined brands impact every aspect of an organization. A brand acts as a framework through which all consumer interactions take place, guiding those experiences. It tells consumers what kind of experience to expect when they do business with you. 

Brands also make their mark on internal culture and operational norms. The values your brand stands for should align with how your teams interact with each other and the consumer. A thoughtful brand identity communicates your values externally and puts them into practice internally.

For these reasons, brand development is more than a simple graphic design project. NewGround helps its clients discover or rediscover their brand through our proven Brand Strategy Blueprint.

Build a Brand that Addresses Your Unique Challenges

The Brand Strategy Blueprint begins with a process of DISCOVERY. We review all available research so our conclusions are backed by relevant data. New consumer research, site visits, internal research, and existing research are all at play. 

The foundational building blocks of your brand should be laid with care. We consider our clients’ rich histories of service and innovation. We think through any challenges currently facing the brand and assign values that address those challenges. If research shows that consumers want more convenient ways to bank, then we incorporate that desire into the brand strategy.

Naming and branding workshops are held with NewGround clients to consider new directions for the public-facing graphic elements of the brand. This is especially crucial for organizations that have recently experienced mergers or consolidations.

Once new or revised branding elements have been developed by creative leaders, approval is sought from the board of directors. Logo designs, color palettes, brand look & feel, and corporate identities are all created once there is buy-in among client stakeholders.

Branding that Takes Everything into Consideration

NewGround’s creative and marketing experts understand the importance of our client’s brands. We also do the research necessary to keep the needs of their consumers in mind. Brands represent all-encompassing corporate identities that can help guide organizations toward more positive outcomes. We analyze data related to consumer perceptions and internal operations to help you determine the best path forward for your brand.

You can learn more about our Brand Strategy Blueprint here, or reach out to talk to someone at NewGround today. Contact us at

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