Do Your Headquarters Workspaces Foster Collaboration?

How to Make Sure Your Headquarters Works for Your Employees

Now more than ever, workplaces and main offices are challenged with finding a balance between work from home and work at the office, often resulting in hybrid work environments. But do either of these options foster collaboration?

Find a Good Balance in Your Workplace

Some employees are most productive in work from home environments, while others thrive in the office, where face-to-face collaboration is strongest. However, according to a survey conducted by Flex.Jobs, 39% of men and 30% of women feel their ability to collaborate suffered during the pandemic and work from home months.

If some employees struggle collaborating while working from home, how can organizations encourage them to return to the office? Or even more importantly, how can businesses and organizations know if their headquarters’ workspaces foster collaboration, and entice employees to return to the office?

It may be harder to tell than you think. Oftentimes, the warning signs that a headquarters space is outdated and ineffective can be overlooked. Consider the following questions:

  • Are your offices still using cubicles with minimal natural lighting?
  • Are conference rooms small, and reserved only for certain occasions?
  • Is your space fully utilized?
  • Are there large areas reserved only for storage, or are there desks and working spaces crammed shoulder to shoulder?
  • Is your brand still up to date?

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Find Balance with Collaborative Workspaces

The most successful headquarters and main offices utilize collaborative workspaces to bring their employees back to the office space. These spaces integrate technology and interior design elements to create a space that encourages and enables the communication between members and teams.

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When you enable your teams to collaborate well, it creates positive ripple effects for office morale and idea generation. Spaces that enable collaborative work are the best kind of workspaces for innovation and communication. Spaces like these are designed and built to accommodate teams of various sizes and skillsets.

Successful organizations are using shared, collaborative workspaces as a real value offer for employees looking for a reason to get back to the office.

Empower Your Employees through Your Branded Workspaces

To inspire staff satisfaction and productivity, keep your workspaces in top condition and your brand fresh. Make sure that your headquarters, main office, branded elements, and all other aspects of your organization are up-to-date and modern, fostering success and collaboration within your company.

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