Headquarters Safety is More Than a Fire Drill

Safety is more than a buzzword. It is a key deciding factor in whether or not employees and consumers will feel comfortable in your space. As industry leaders and experts for more than 100 years, we’ve identified headquarters safety as a key factor in a financial institution’s overall success when designing and building a new headquarters.


HVAC and Sanitation Systems Matter to People

NewGround starts our safety standards from the design and strategy phases, planning out HVAC and sanitation systems. These systems are designed to filter air and keep employees healthy while in the office. Depending on the headquarters facility’s needs, sanitation stations can also be designed and built around the office to encourage employees to maintain cleanliness and hygiene. With COVID-19 changing people’s perceptions and understandings of safety, maintaining a clean workplace is more important now than ever before.

A Secure and Accessible Location

The location of a headquarters can also influence an institution’s success in safety. Where is your headquarters located in relation to main roads? Is it in a safe part of town? Do your employees feel comfortable walking or commuting to work? Do they have to cross heavy areas of traffic to get to the building? Finding a location where your employees and consumers are safe is just as important as designing the building.

Secure Entry Points

Whether it’s a keycard or scanner for the elevator to your floor or a mobile app key that allows you entry into the building at all, setting up a secure entry system is an important aspect of office safety and employee peace of mind. While this is a preventative measure, it can also factor into increased employee safety in the event of an incident or emergency.

Secure Server Environment

The last major factor to consider for a safe headquarters is network and server security and safety. Most professional industries and markets have digital environments and landscapes, especially for those incorporating work-from-home and hybrid work environments. Websites and servers have to stay secure, both from online attackers and from physical threats. Companies decrease the risk of losing important assets by providing a secure server environment. Secure servers protect your organization and your consumers, making it one of the most important aspects of headquarters safety.

Safety and security aren’t just something to consider after an accident or problem has occurred. Companies should address and acknowledge safety in the design and build process. If your headquarters safety is outdated, consider updating your headquarters facility with the newest safety features. NewGround can help.

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