NewGround’s Project Management Advantages

A Project Management Partner that Puts Client Concerns First

From strategy to concept to implementation, a design-build project must be accomplished with expert management and constant communication. NewGround’s commitment to successful project management is shared by architects, engineers, and construction experts working together to guide your project to completion with minimal disruption to your daily operations.

NewGround engages in a comprehensive strategic process with our clients to define the scope and direction of their projects. By focusing on strategy first, we create a plan and project management approach that will directly address all of our client’s strategic goals. Similarly, we approach our project management plans with care and flexibility, offering various levels of management to suit the needs of our clients, such as construction management and program management.

For more information on Strategic Planning and Process, see Strategic Planning: It’s Okay to Crawl Before You Walk.

Construction Management

Oftentimes, organizations require a complete, turnkey design-build project delivery service. For this, NewGround offers Construction Management. Through our Construction Management approach, we dedicate time and energy to advocating for our clients throughout the build process. We believe in the importance of having Project Managers on-site to offer a responsive and knowledgeable point of contact at any point during the process. The Construction Management tier offers a comprehensive suite of services, including:

  • Due Diligence
  • Value Engineering
  • Pre-construction and Estimating Services
  • Retail, Environmental, and Interior Installation

NewGround’s Construction Management handles project bidding at the subcontractor level. We understand the importance of utilizing local subcontractors to handle parts of the construction process, but we always put our clients first and offer them a “driver’s seat” approach coupled with our expert guidance when it comes to contractor selection.  With over 100 years of design/build experience and over 15,000 facilities completed, we have proven our process again and again.

To see an example of our Construction Management services, click here: East Coast Credit Union.

Program Management

When partial assistance is needed, clients can trust NewGround to act as their Program Management experts. Program management services are offered as needed, at an hourly rate to ensure efficient solutions. Though services are tailored to specific projects, they include:

  • Site Selection
  • Negotiation and Due Diligence
  • Test Fit
  • Phase 1 and 2 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Remediation
  • Financial Pro Forma Analysis

NewGround understands that every project is different, and some clients don’t need an all-inclusive suite. To cater to every client, we offer smaller Program Management options.

Want to see an example of our project management services in action? Click on Fort Sill Federal Credit Union Headquarters.

Fort Sill Federal Credit Union

Project Management Success

For smaller projects where local general contractors can act with more independence, NewGround still works closely with on-site managers to ensure project success. Thanks to our extensive history of partnering with contractors all over the country, we offer capable oversight to manage the construction process in tandem with all project contractors.

Competent Project Management Ensures Results and Minimizes Setbacks

Your retail and corporate spaces are vital to the health of your organization. Why else would you invest the time, money, and strategic development necessary to undertake an exciting design-build project? The experts at NewGround understand the critical importance of every stage of the design-build process.

We help our clients build strategic foundations for project planning, identify ideal contractor partners, and manage projects to their desired results. Clients are involved from their “First View” hard hat tour during early construction and remain in constant communication with our project management team. When each project is complete, we offer a “Final View” walkthrough to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction.

For a design-build process that puts client needs first, NewGround is your elite partner. We’ve applied our experience to perfect this process because we’ve seen firsthand how critical project management is to anything we undertake.

If you want to learn more about how NewGround’s Project Management services can address your unique concerns, we would love to talk. Visit our contact page to reach out today.

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