Optimize Your Headquarters, Don’t Waste Space!

What is the purpose of a headquarters? In a digital market where most employees work from home at least part of the time, headquarters are no longer just about housing employees. Buildings that used to be necessary for employees to handle calls, attend meetings, and run the business now no longer have those necessities. So, what is the new purpose of a headquarters?

Utilize Your Space to Uplift Your Employees

While housing every employee may no longer be the primary focus of a headquarters, that doesn’t mean they’re obsolete. On the contrary, a headquarters space is a wonderful opportunity to unite your employees and expand on a positive work culture. Instead of wall-to-wall cubicles to maximize space, transform spaces into collaborative work environments with hybrid hotel desk systems. These desk systems let any employee work wherever they want when they’re in the office instead of having a traditional space dedicated only to them. Furthermore, spaces that focus on collaboration and communication can bring teams and departments together even if some of them are still working from home. This can include digital technology for remote-in calls or presentations.

Some space should still be dedicated to workers who prefer a quieter work environment, but new headquarters designs should focus on flexibility and choice. If employees have to return to the office in any capacity, they should enjoy the spaces they are working in. Natural lighting, employee amenities, improved safety efforts, and upgraded technology can make the return to the office easier.

NewGround has found that headquarters should focus on 5 key factors (START) when evaluating a headquarters:

  • Safety
  • Technology
  • Attraction
  • Retention
  • Training

For more information on where or not your headquarters is meeting these 5 key factors, check out NewGround’s START survey.

If you’d like to read more about START, check out Get a Jump-START on Your Headquarters for more information.

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