Your Headquarters Technology Can Move You Forward or Keep You Stagnant

With more and more employees working from home, and with consumers utilizing digital channels for their banking needs, financial institutions have to maintain up-to-date technology. Most technological channels are kept in the cloud. However, organizations can still implement technology into a headquarters design to improve the employee and consumer experience. As industry experts in headquarters design and build, we’ve seen firsthand the positive impact of updated technology on an organization’s overall performance.

High-Speed Internet Access at the Office

In order to remain productive, employees should have access to high-speed internet access while in the office. They should be able to access databases and servers quickly, with little to no load time. The infrastructure of a headquarters should be crafted to help improve connectivity between on-site and cloud solutions. This will also benefit employees who may be working from home and need to upload work to the cloud. Companies don’t usually keep their data centers on-site of a headquarters anymore, but the headquarters itself should still have the technology necessary to support increased cloud use.

“As industry experts, we’ve seen firsthand the success that financial institutions can have when they implement infrastructure to support high-speed internet and cloud connectivity. These institutions have higher productivity as a result,” says NewGround’s President and CEO, Kevin Blair.

Cybersecurity and Encrypted Networks

Increased digital channels mean increased risks of hacks and data breaches. This can pose serious problems for financial institutions, their consumers, and their employees. To protect everyone involved, the digital channels must have the proper cybersecurity and encrypted networks. Most of this can be done online and through the cloud, and not in a physical location like a headquarters. However, a headquarters can still implement technology safety features to help protect data. This includes things like training space, which gives employees the resources they need to understand potential security threats. IT personnel should also have the tools, resources, and space they need to assist employees in or out of the office.

Headquarters Technology and Equipment Supports Hybrid Workspaces

Employees can work at hotel workspaces are desks without being tied down to one specific desk or spot. Companies use these types of work environments more and more to allow employees freedom and flexibility. In order to properly use these types of workstations though, the technology must be completely uniform and updated for each space. This will allow any type of employee to use any type of workstation.

A headquarters should implement technology in transformational spaces, such as conference rooms and break rooms. In order to save space, some headquarters facilities implement technology that allows break rooms to transform into conference rooms. To do this, the technology must be able to handle this transformation. This includes projection and presenter technology, audio equipment, and computer ports.

Headquarters facilities rarely house data centers anymore, but the technology a headquarters uses is still critical to employee growth and productivity. Headquarters facilities are adapting to a hybrid work environment. Technology has to adapt and update as well to keep up. NewGround has seen firsthand how successfully implemented technology can positively affect a financial institution. NewGround has a team full of industry experts ready to help you plan, strategize, design, and build new facilities full of updated technology.

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