Designing for Accessibility: Modern and Inclusive Banking Spaces

Inclusivity and accessibility are essential elements of any public-facing design. Financial institutions recognize the importance of ensuring that their banking spaces are welcoming and accessible to all. For NewGround, a firm specializing in creating branded spaces, inclusivity goes beyond legal requirements—it’s a fundamental part of our design ethos. Why it Matters Banking customers come from […]

Is it Time to Refresh Your Branch Design?

It can be difficult for financial institutions to decide when it’s the right time to refresh their branch designs. We get it—it’s a big, juicy, meaningful decision. Finding the right answer for your organization begins with assessment and understanding. With the rapid advancement of technology and changing consumer preferences, it’s important to keep up with […]

Considering a New Headquarters Project in 2023? Be Suspicious of Imposters

It’s no surprise that after the COVID-19 pandemic, employees rank work-from-home and hybrid flexibility high on their preferred list of employer qualities. According to the SHRM Research Institute, 48% of surveyed workers stated they will “definitely” seek remote positions when searching for their next job. On top of that, 53% of surveyed workers stated, “leaders […]

How Can a Brand Showcase Your Business’s “Personality?”

What do people think about when they see your brand? Or more importantly, what do you want people to think about when they interact with your brand? People naturally associate certain characteristics with things they see and hear. A room with a fireplace might make them feel cozy and welcome. A room with high ceilings […]

NewGround’s Project Management Advantages

A Project Management Partner that Puts Client Concerns First From strategy to concept to implementation, a design-build project must be accomplished with expert management and constant communication. NewGround’s commitment to successful project management is shared by architects, engineers, and construction experts working together to guide your project to completion with minimal disruption to your daily […]