Office Design for Employee Health and Wellbeing

Workplace expectations have evolved rapidly in recent years and the importance of employee wellness in office design has never been more critical. As businesses innovate to stay competitive, the focus on creating health-centric workspaces has intensified. Leaders are recognizing the profound impact of the physical environment on employee well-being and productivity. Modern office designs now […]

The Emergence of the Third Space in Workplace and Retail Design

When you’re not at the office and you’re not at home, where are you? The concept of a third space, introduced by sociologist Ray Oldenburg, refers to a social environment distinct from home and work, where individuals can gather, relax, and engage in meaningful interactions. These spaces, such as cafes, parks, and co-working areas, foster […]

Sustainability by Design: Crafting Retail Spaces that Speak to Environmental Values

As consumer awareness of environmental issues continues to expand, so does the demand for sustainable practices across all industries. In the retail sector, this shift in consumer concern has sparked a revolution in design philosophy, leading to the emergence of sustainable retail spaces that prioritize environmental values. More than ever, consumers gravitate toward brands that […]

Digital Signage and Innovative Branch Design for Consumer Engagement

If you want to create a worthwhile in-person banking experience, you have to focus on effective customer and member engagement. Financial institutions are making moves to enhance the overall consumer experience to gain a competitive advantage. As a result, digital signage has emerged as a powerful tool for flexible and compelling consumer engagement. From product […]

Race to the Finish Line

Are Retailers Outperforming Banks with Transformation? By: Glory and NewGround In today’s fast-paced society, retailers are making strides and banks need to take notes. Although these are two completely different industries, banks can learn a thing or two from retailers that are creating amazing in-store experiences. “Back from the Dead: What Retailers Can Learn from […]

Total Transformation: How To Engage Differently

Written by Amanda Jasper, Director of Corporate Communications– NewGround Transformation can manifest itself in many forms. So the big question is, do you need to transform your culture to engage differently? Transformation should also be the output or call to action, with your organization being fully-aligned and feeling the effects of growth. In the final […]