Navigate the Challenges of a Network Transformation Rollout

Businesses should update their retail branches regularly to maintain their appeal to their consumers. Some updates to branches include furniture, branding, or technological upgrades. Others update their branches if they need more resources, care, or attention based on the area. In order to properly rollout a new branch network, clients should consider three key factors: […]

Growing, Consolidating, or Merging? Time for a Network Transformation

In the event that more than one branch needs to be updated, changed, or redesigned, it is considered a branch network transformation. Ideally, a financial institution would plan to have all of its branches updated within a short time period to maintain a consistent brand and public appearance. Consumers most frequently interact with your branches, […]

Total Transformation: How To Engage Differently

Written by Amanda Jasper, Director of Corporate Communications– NewGround Transformation can manifest itself in many forms. So the big question is, do you need to transform your culture to engage differently? Transformation should also be the output or call to action, with your organization being fully-aligned and feeling the effects of growth. In the final […]