The Impact Your HQ Space has on Talent Retention

Is Your Business Suffering from Turnover and a Lack of Talent Retention?

It’s not just you, the nation is currently going through a hiring crisis. There has been an influx of work-from-home opportunities and overall raises in pay and benefits. As a result, employers are struggling to hire and retain qualified and valuable talent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of job openings as recently as November of 2021 was at 10.6 million. With so many jobs for potential talent to choose from, posting an appealing job offer can be tricky. But what if talent retention wasn’t just related to pay and benefits, but also to the design and amenities your headquarters offered employees?

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Retain Talented Employees Through an Innovative Headquarters

While talent retention and headquarters design may seem like two completely different topics, they are more closely aligned than ever before. In the era where work-from-home and hybrid work environments are common, it’s important to incentivize employees back to the office with a modern and welcoming workspace. Designing and creating collaborative workspaces and giving your employees a place and opportunity to thrive and grow will encourage them to stay where they are rather than look somewhere else.

Some employees will prefer to work from home, while others will prefer to work in the office or a combination hybrid work environment. Employees thrive in environments where they are comfortable, so headquarters need to be able to handle all types of work environments. Is your headquarters equipped and ready? Is your headquarters old-fashioned, or in need of an update?

Want to learn more about collaborative workspaces? Check out Do Your Headquarters Workspaces Foster Collaboration?

What Does it Mean to Have an Updated Headquarters?

Having an updated headquarters is more than a fresh coat of paint. It starts with strategy and design. Are your spaces equipped for success and collaboration? Are you “making room” for employees, or is your space already equipped to give your employees room to succeed? An updated and refreshed headquarters starts at strategy, working with current problems and brainstorming potential solutions.

NewGround’s team of experts starts by understanding a business or financial institution’s goals first. By understanding the goals for the space, such as a goal of maintaining talent retention, we then begin to design, strategize, and build out that space to foster behaviors and support a healthy work culture. Employees and talent work best in environments they’re comfortable in, environments equipped with modern technology, innovations, and amenities. If your office isn’t enough to entice employees, what’s stopping them from just finding other jobs that let them work from home?

For an example of a workspace built for employee collaboration, check out the newly completed Greater Texas Credit Union Headquarters.

Support Your Brand and Culture

Visually stunning corporate spaces aren’t enough; you have to have a brand that will make your company look beautiful inside and out. The space must communicate your brand’s value and encourage employee productivity. With optimized use of space and workplace culture, you’ll increase your ability to attract new talent and retain employees. Ensure your employees are set up to succeed with amenities and work areas such as employee dining areas, relaxation spaces, decompression areas, private conversation areas, and collaboration spaces where they can work alongside their coworkers safety.

For another example of a successful headquarters’ space, check out Neches Federal Credit Union Headquarters.

Not sure if your headquarters space is up to the challenge of talent retention? We can help evaluate and plan your headquarters and main office strategies. Connect with us and learn how to optimize your space to improve employee engagement, recruitment, and retention.

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