The TTCU Story: Future Proofing Design

It’s every credit union’s dream to achieve so much success that even their headquarters building runs out of space. How can you design a building that accommodates for future growth? A recent example is TTCU Federal Credit Union’s (TTCU) headquarters—one of NewGround’s most prominent projects to date. We sat down with Jerry Hoopert, Senior Vice […]

NewGround: A Member of US Green Building Council

Designing Environmentally Friendly Spaces More than ever, the effect of our lifestyle on the environment is taken into consideration, and the design and building methods of our projects have a long-lasting impact on the world. At NewGround, we realize the importance of our actions and how they affect the environment, and that’s why we are […]

Future-proofing Your Office for the Next Generation

When building a new corporate office for your brand, you’re leaving a legacy for future generations. A typical office design should remain relevant for about 20 years, which means it should be designed with future generations in mind. The generations we’re designing for now are Generation Y, also known as Millennials, and Generation Z, who are […]

Designing Headquarters: Create Your Culture

Think about it: you spend most of your life working. Forget boring, old office spaces. Would you consider your headquarters a fun place to work? We sat down with Lou Trebino, Principal of Advisory at KPMG, along with NewGround’s very own Tom Auer, Senior Vice President of Design, and Jill Schumaier, Director of Interiors, to […]